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Penetration testing

Penetration testing benefits

Your organization does not want to have business-critical information out in the open. After all, being hacked can be disastrous for your organization. To make sure you have your digital security in order, a penetration test is a must. A penetration test or pen test provides valuable insights that your organization can use to strengthen information security.


It is likely that your organization protects data or information through firewalls, IPS systems or virus scanners. But can you fully rely on this? Hackers are unpredictable and are becoming more innovative and creative.


As a company, you cannot avoid adjusting your security measures accordingly. Whether it concerns business-critical information, financial transactions, personal data or the availability of your organization, you want to prevent this data from being released at all costs. The reasons to have your systems tested:



Be one step ahead of hackers (proactive security). Hackers today are not just individuals, they are entire organizations. They have more power than you expect.


Manage your security risks. Every organization owns data, however, you don't want it to become generally available. 


Promote your compliance (ISAE or SOC standards frameworks, ISO 27001). Make sure your customers can really trust you.