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ISO 9001

Starting with ISO 9001 during the crisis

ISO 9001 implementation can be challenging. The most important challenges are; limited time, budget constraints and experience with implementing a professional quality management system. A quality management system and certification in accordance with ISO 9001 plays a pivotal role in the operation of organizations.


In the current global market place the need to achieve ISO 9001 is increasing as a consequence of higher requirements from corporates and supervisory authorities. Requirements and needs vary from quality management (ISO 9001), to information security (ISO 27001 / ISAE 3000 | SOC 2)and assurance over outsourced processes (ISAE 3402 | SOC 1).


Everyone needs something to hold on to. Working on a collaborative project such as implementing a standard is like painting restaurant facades during last spring's lockdown. Implementing ISO improves your organization from the inside out and prepares your organization for the hustle and bustle and success after the crisis. It can be compared to a major cleaning. Old processes that do not work properly are adjusted and, for example, by analyzing the complaints in the previous period, you avoid stupid mistakes in the future. You can work on a well-functioning quality management system without being constantly distracted by the issues of the day. When you have a well-functioning quality management system, you also have a head start when tendering for tenders. Emotionally it is good not to sit still but to focus on building and improving your organization. We are currently seeing a large increase in organizations that are just now starting to obtain the ISO certificate. Their main motivation is usually that they have the time now and that they want to be ready for the upcoming tenders.



Risklane offers services in the field of governance, risk and compliance. Since 2004, Risklane has been the market leader in the Netherlands and the most progressive organization with regard to ISAE 3402 implementation and certification. In addition to ISAE 3402, we offer services in the field of ISAE 3000, GDPR/AVG, ISO 27001ISO 9001 and COSO ERM.