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ISAE 3402

Why is ISAE 3402 so much in demand these days?

Why is ISAE 3402 so much in demand these days?


Many organizations focus on their 'core' activities. Non-core activities are outsourced to other organizations. The demand for assurance about outsourcing has increased, both from the supervisory organization and due to the declining confidence between market parties. An ISAE 3402 provides assurance on all processes that ultimately affect the user organization's financial statements.


What is the benefit of ISAE 3402 for my organization?


ISAE 3402 is the international standard for outsourcing, which means that you meet international requirements that are also recognizable for both your national and international clients. Complying with the ISAE 3402 standard is a requirement in many tenders. Another advantage is that it is no longer necessary for your client to send their own auditors to your home. In addition, ISAE 3402 is often used as a means to standardize and better organize processes in the organization.



Risklane offers services in the field of governance, risk and compliance. Since 2004, Risklane has been the market leader in the Netherlands and the most progressive organization with regard to ISAE 3402 implementation and certification. In addition to ISAE 3402, we offer services in the field of ISAE 3000, GDPR/AVG, ISO 27001ISO 9001 and COSO ERM.