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The benefits of SOC for Cybersecurity

The term cybersecurity did not exist forty years ago, but it is a very important part of society today. But what exactly is cybersecurity?


Cyber ​​security stands for internet security. Internet security refers to all measures taken to protect programs, computers, and networks against digital crime. This protects governments, businesses, and consumers from cybercrime. The world is digitizing. IT is widely used in all aspects of society. This development offers many advantages in terms of employment and economic growth, but also new dangers arise.


There are daily digital attacks and news articles about databases with personal data that have been leaked. These attacks are not carried out by hackers with a bad hobby, but by organizations, well trained and specialized in hacking. That is why a decisive approach is needed from governments, users, and the business community. The vulnerabilities associated with digitization must be minimized. Experts in the field of digital security are therefore urgently needed.

Why SOC for Cybersecurity?

Identify security risks

The process of identifying, assessing, and managing risks is a critical component of the internal control system. Conducting a cybersecurity risk analysis ensures that risks are identified in a timely manner. Cybersecurity objectives must be defined before management can identify potential events affecting their achievement.


Identified risks are periodically assessed, in relation to cybersecurity objectives, to implement appropriate measures to monitor and manage risks. Risk mitigation plans are prepared based on the identified risks and risk action plan.


Prevent data breaches

Data breaches are the order of the day. This often implies that confidential and sensitive information ends up with unauthorized individuals. This can happen through hacking, for example, because security patches are not updated in time, but also due to human errors.


Provide trust to clients

Organizations are increasingly outsourcing business processes. While the user organization is ultimately responsible for preparing a diligent risk management framework, cybersecurity risks often reside with the organizations that provide outsourcing services.


By providing clients with a SOC for Cybersecurity statement, trust and transparency are provided to clients that cybersecurity risks are identified and handled appropriately. The assurance statement provides insight into the actual performance of the cybersecurity framework