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SOC for Cybersecurity

The importance of SOC for Cybersecurity

One definition of Cybersecurity is how your organization works to reduce the risk of a cyberattack and its potential impact on your business, by protecting the devices and services you use.


Cyber ​security is simply your company's strategy to protect your digital assets from hacks and cyberattacks. This includes using technology, processes, and other controls to protect your systems, devices, and data. It is intended to prevent unauthorized access to data stored on (physical) devices or online.


Cyber​​security differs from information security, which covers a much wider area – including all information resources such as paper copies of files.

The importance of Cybersecurity

The importance of Cybersecurity is growing as smartphones, computers, and tablets become even more integral to our daily work and private lives. Such connectivity and reliance on online tools for many aspects of the business – from social media and email marketing to storing employee and customer data in the cloud – adds an additional responsibility to protect this information.


The reliance on doing business online leaves many companies open to the risks of cyberattacks. Clear Cybersecurity awareness is crucial as these attacks continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. Being a victim of a cyberattack as a company can result in:

  1. Loss of sensitive data
  2. Financial losses due to theft
  3. High cost to recover stolen data
  4. Reputational damage
  5. Company closure (in serious cases)

Cybersecurity Tips

Prepare your business for the risk of an attack with these Cybersecurity tips:

     - Perform Cybersecurity risk assessments
     - Take Cybersecurity training 
     - Cloud backup 
     - Protect all passwords 
     - Watch your devices 
     - SOC for Cybersecurity