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Press release: Risklane announces strategic partnership with TÜV Nederland

Internal control, security and sustainability is of paramount importance to many organizations, whereby internal processes are often independently tested based on ISO audits. In addition, to assess outsourced processes, so-called ISAE 3402 or SOC 2 assurance statements are used.

soc 1 - cloudservice
Cloud services and ISAE 3402 | SOC 1

Within IT outsourcing and Cloud services, the demand for ISAE 3402 has increased significantly. The ISAE 3402 register contains an impressive list of SaaS and hosting providers that are ISAE 3402 certified. What is the reason for this increased demand in the IT sector and more specifically in the Cloud Services Industry; SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and datacenter services?

Soc 2 benefits
What is SOC 2 and what are the benefits?

The number of organizations that manage customer data is increasing. This also increases the demand for SOC 2 reports that answer the question of whether information security is well organized at these organizations. IT companies today are expected to be SOC 2 compliant, especially when they store data in the cloud.

ISAE 3402 outsourcing
Outsourcing trends
Organizations are continuously searching for opportunities to exploit competitive advantage to increase markets and profits. Organizations are increasingly outsourcing non-core business functions. Nonetheless, is management ultimately responsible for risk management and the implementation of an effective control framework.
Freek Klaasen
Blog Freek Klaasen

Hi, my name is Freek Klaasen, and I am project lead at Risklane I gained experience as an Assistant-Consultant at a recruitment agency for several years. In my free time, I like to delve into the world of (art) history, foreign cultures, and languages, like those of Japan and Italy. 

iso 9001
Implementation of ISO 9001

The ISO/IEC 9001 standard is the international standard for quality control. The ISO 9001 standard focuses on two important aspects: meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction.