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Risklane and Hackdefense join forces to offer combined cybersecurity intelligence services

Risklane has partnered with HackDefense, a leading Dutch cybersecurity provider with a strong focus on penetration testing, through the acquisition of a majority interest. This partnership will enable Risklane and HackDefense to jointly offer an expanded range of services to their customers. The transaction marks an important step towards the development of a ‘one-stop-shop proposition’, as the combined company will be able to efficiently serve its customers with respect to their IT audit and cybersecurity assurance needs.


Cybersecurity is increasingly crucial for the success of an organization. The commitment of Risklane to serve the sophisticated security needs of its customers, coupled with a focus on innovative technology and expanded expertise in cybersecurity technology provided by HackDefense, positions the combined company well to further develop and grow its customer base.Combining expertise in penetration testing and IT risk management ensures that knowledge barriers are minimized, while addressing the increasingly complex IT security needs of customers. This also ensures that cyber security threats and IT security risks can be dealt with more effectively.

First-class cybersecurity 

“We look forward to work with Hackdefense as we continue to expand our cybersecurity technology products and services while providing first-class service to our customers worldwide,” says Risklane CEO Emile ten Hoor. “Helping our clients navigate their complex cybersecurity needs is our top priority. We are thrilled to work with Hackdefense to provide more value to our clients by providing first-class service, simplifying audits, and dramatically saving them time and money.”

Mark Koek, CEO of HackDefense, commented: “There's a tremendous potential in the market for a provider of both Pentesting/Ethical Hacking and IT Risk & Assurance services that can help CISO's know about, manage, and resolve the full spectrum of their security risks and exposures. Therefore, we are really happy to team up with Risklane: a strong partner that provides IT security audit and assurance services at the same high quality standards as HackDefense. This will complement our service offering perfectly and help our customers move their IT security forward.”

Integrated security proposition

IT systems are increasingly interconnected, resulting in a complex combination of various systems, which are often interconnected. As employees return to work at the office more often and privacy plays a vital role in virtually every sector, this requires a stringent focus on both technical IT security, as well as on management control frameworks. Simultaneously, governments are more often introducing IT security standards and guidelines, which further increases the demand for an integrated IT security approach, with special attention to compliance. These trends imply risks and challenges for internal IT (security) departments, who are looking to efficiently bridge the gaps between risk management and awareness, practical processes, and compliance requirements.

Through the combination with HackDefense, Risklane can now serve as the partner of choice to help its customers in these challenges. Combining expertise in technical IT security and IT risk management & compliance ensures that knowledge barriers are minimized, and consultants can act as a sparring partner for the internal IT experts of its customers. Additionally, the combined expertise also ensures that cybersecurity threats and IT security risks can be dealt with more effectively.

The partnership with HackDefense fits particularly well with the existing approach of Risklane: similar to Risklane, HackDefense has a relentless focus on quality, and is consistently praised by its customers for its expertise and pragmatism. This combination will continue to focus on achieving excellence for its customers, with a focus on high-quality output, clear communication, and minimization of business disruption. This translates to high efficiency, and a leading price/quality ratio.

HackDefense, cybersecurity excellence

HackDefense was founded in 2017 by industry veteran Mark Koek. Over the past 5 years, HackDefense has developed into a leading penetration testing service provider, based on its understanding of how hackers operate, and has provided a broad range of customers with insights into their IT risk exposure. The team comprises high-level ethical hackers, penetration testers, and security application developers with experience since 1999 and knowledge of the latest techniques.

Risklane, fast-growing IT risk consultancy firm

Risklane is a fast-growing IT risk management consultancy and IT risk assurance firm that supports leading (international) businesses in IT risk assurance, IT risk advisory, and cybersecurity services. Risklane is disrupting the traditional IT risk attestation industry with a pragmatic and compelling one-stop-shop proposition, unburdening customers in managing IT risks and mitigating cybersecurity threats. This is done by a talented and rapidly growing team of ca. 50 employees, operating from offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Risklane is executing a growth strategy, with the goal of creating an international ‘one-stop-shop’ partner of choice for its customers. In this strategy, IT risk attestation and cybersecurity services are combined by partnering with other best-in-class service providers, with the aim to enable serving customers throughout Europe.

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