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Freek Klaasen

Blog Freek Klaasen

Hi, my name is Freek Klaasen, and I am project lead at Risklane I gained experience as an Assistant-Consultant at a recruitment agency for several years. In my free time, I like to delve into the world of (art) history, foreign cultures, and languages, like those of Japan and Italy.  At Risklane I have the pleasure of working with a young, innovative team on audits and implementation processes, with regard to certifications and assurance reports. Furthermore, I have the chance to work together with a diverse array of interesting companies, with the aim of helping them improve their risk management.


For me, Risklane’s most important core value is its focus on teamwork and training. Risklane’s team consists of a diverse set of interesting and smart people, and together we can build on and utilize our diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and skills, and make daily improvements to the efficiency of our projects. Risklane also provides me and my colleagues regular training sessions as part of the Young Professional Program. This helps me gain skills and knowledge which I can implement directly into my projects, and which will be valuable throughout my professional career.


What makes the work I do at Risklane fun and exciting for me is foremost its versatility. Personally, I am interested in a wide array of professional fields, ranging from IT to international business, finance, and economics, and I find my interests more than satisfied at Risklane. Together we find innovative improvements to our work processes, facilitated by our regular teamwork. Also finding improvements to our client's risk management practices gives me energy each day, and it is really interesting to get to know such a wide array of companies. I am really interested in the international growth Risklane is working towards, and I am curious about what is next and motivated to be part of it.


For me, Risklane is an innovative, international-focussed, growing, close-knit organization.


Foremost, I learned to adapt to ever-changing situations with a certain ease, as well as how to practice and improve my project management skills. My work requires me to strive for efficiency and effectiveness within my projects, and I also learned to set personal goals with regard to reaching these goals. Also of importance is the knowledge I gained on the assurance standards and how to apply those during my audit and implementation projects, as this is my day-to-day work. It is also informative to see up close how Risklane applies an innovative marketing strategy to attract international clients, and through this is able to operate in a global context.


Risklane can help you achieve ISAE 3402 l SOC 1ISAE 3000 l SOC 2ISO 27001ISO 9001. Let us help you find the perfect solution for you and your organization. Give us a call at +31 30 2800888 or contact us.