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About Us

We believe in the power of simplicity and we don't make the implementation of SOC 1, SOC 2, or ISO 27001 unnecessarily complicated. We make clear agreements about lead time and costs. Leonardo da Vinci said; - Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - We believe in making complex issues simple. We understand the context and are focused on comprehension of the concept. Therefore our approach is based on the existing structure of an organization and makes only the necessary adjustments of the internal control towards our best practice and the relevant standard; simple and effective.

Our approach

The structure of most organizations is well established. We can as an external advisor help to further adapting the existing processes to a SOC standard or ISO27001 and our best practice. A best practice that has been evolved from 25 years of experience in the cyber security industry. In consultation with you, we look for solutions for, for example, segregation of duties or the most practical way to help employees in a consistent way. We do this by analysing your systems, work processes and, above all, by listening carefully to your employees. This pragmatic and structured approach allows you to keep an overview, achieve results quickly and control costs.

What drives us

Our mission

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand the possibilities of our customers and make them excel, grow, acquire more customers and significantly improve internal processes. We do that by creating ground-breaking risk management innovations, by automation, making our service more efficient, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work. In addition we believe passionately in being the doorway to companies be more sustainable, transparent providing a difference and added value to society. We always strive for the highest quality to our customers. We believe that we have delivered quality when all our customers’ objectives are achieved and our clients are 100% satisfied.

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Added value

We make clear arrangements with you about these costs and the lead time. No surprises! We do not see corporate governance, internal control or SOC1/ SOC2 as a rigid system of controls that the organization must adhere to, but as a means of achieving organizational objectives, improving transparency, and organizing processes more effectively. Thanks to this vision on corporate governance, we can always provide added value in the improvement of procedures or the organization of our clients. We have supported a large number of our clients in Europe and Asia in this way helping them to enter new markets, qualifying for tenders and professionalising the organization.

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