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Aareon | ISAE 3402


Aareon is Europe's largest supplier of software for real estate companies (commercial and social), outsourcing, and consultancy. Aareon is represented in 7 European countries divided into 36 locations. Meanwhile, 50.000 users work with the solutions from Aareon.


The focus is set on making technology and innovation advantageous and integrable for the clients. As a leading provider of solutions and advisory services to the European real estate industry and its partners in this digital era, Aareon is committed to ground-breaking new features and setting the standard for the entire industry.


Implementing the ISAE 3402 at Aareon NL was complex due to several factors. Aareon NL is able to keep its top market position within the real estate market by continuously adapting the software to market needs. The first challenge was to process complex software functionality into smart control objectives and controls. An additional challenge was to deliver an ISAE 3402 report that reflects the current and future functionality of the software throughout the period under review. This was realized by describing controls in such a way that upcoming functionalities could be incorporated into existing controls throughout the audit period. Aareon NL is a master in the art of turning difficult processes into user-friendly software. This required Risklane to do the same; draft a report on the complex processes performed in the back-end, while keeping it relatable to the users of the front-end.


Since the implementation included the largest part of Aareon software, numerous Aareon NL departments and employees were involved during the project. The current functionality and risk methodology were used as a starting point during the implementation. The Risklane experts identified (possible) gaps within the risk management system and Aareon NL processes and advised proactively on how to solve the identified gaps.


With the assistance of the expert consultants of Aareon NL, Risklane was able to analyze the Aareon software and identify the financial risks for their user organizations. That allowed us to focus on how to manage these risks efficiently and effectively. Together we worked towards a control matrix that not only describes all the relevant control objectives and controls, but it represents the Risk Leadership ideology that Aareon NL acquired throughout the implementation. This allowed Aareon NL to turn risks into a competitive advantage and provide their customers with assurance in using the Aareon software.


The entire process enabled Aareon NL to further professionalize key processes within the organization. Additionally, the ISAE 3402 report allows Aareon NL to provide transparency and assurance to (potential) customers on the Aareon software and the way Aareon NL is in control over their processes.